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  • A Hanamaru Lucky Day

    A Hanamaru Lucky Day

    2012-02-24 Read Download

    A Hanamaru Lucky Day Manga Info :
    Descripton:(C81) [Jenoa Cake (TakayaKi)] A Hanamaru Lucky Day (Hanamaru Kindergarten) [ENG] [TIE]#9 – The Individual ElevenVisit the blog here – / / quote myself from the blog:The scans were kinda mediocre. Sure it’s x3000px 600 dpi giant scans but dem gutter shadows and cut off pages =(I tried my best to make the pages acceptable. And I had to take intelligent guesses for some cut off text (2 of them were left out as I couldn’t decipher anything, hopefully nothing vitally important was missed).On second thought I should have used the pages from the Korean version. But by the time I read the suggestion on the E-H gallery, it was too late. Thanks to WashOxide anyway.

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • No!


    2012-02-23 Read Download

    No! Manga Info :
    Descripton:(C80) [Atsuatsu Muchimuchi] NO! (Dream C Club) [ENG]Dumped on /a/ by an Anonymous translator.

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Last Train X Dead Drunk X Big Sis Chifuyu

    Last Train X Dead Drunk X Big Sis Chifuyu

    2012-02-15 Read Download

    Last Train X Dead Drunk X Big Sis Chifuyu Manga Info :
    Descripton:[CHIBIKKO KINGDOM] Last Train x Dead Drunk x Big Sis Chifuyu (Infinite Stratos) [ENG]translated and edited by: darknight/>
    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Inemuri Nakochi

    Inemuri Nakochi

    2012-02-12 Read Download

    Inemuri Nakochi Manga Info :
    Descripton:(C80) [T.cop (Natsuki Kiyohito)] Inemuri Nakochi (Hanasaku Iroha) [English] [Gammando]I’m not a native speaker. So there may be some grammatically error. Feel free to correct me.

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • High Cala

    High Cala

    2012-02-12 Read Download

    High Cala Manga Info :
    Descripton:[Studio Mizuyokan] High Cala (Viper RSR) (English)Personal translation of High Cala. I’ve also included the short story and small CG collection that came with the doujinshi. This was a pain in the ass to edit… I had to make the font size much smaller than I’d like to fit the text into the bubbles.As an RPG, Viper RSR is pretty mediocre… the battle system is laughably simple, and the story progression is so straightforward I’m pretty sure even people who don’t know Japanese can easily complete the game without a walkthrough. Still, the animations are hot, which is pretty much all you ask for in a hentai game.For people who haven’t played the game, this doujinshi is an AU that takes place after Cala (pink-haired heroine) was captured by Veloce (bug on p. 17) and made into his pet but before her big rescue by her companions.

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Dorobouneko No Yokorenbo

    Dorobouneko No Yokorenbo

    2012-02-11 Read Download

    Dorobouneko No Yokorenbo Manga Info :
    Descripton:(C80) [Zettai Shoujo (RAITA)] Dorobouneko no Yokorenbo (Bakemonogatari) [English]

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Ms Onee-chan – First Period

    Ms Onee-chan – First Period

    2011-10-19 Read Download

    Ms Onee-chan – First Period Manga Info :
    Descripton:[Studio Wallaby] Ms Onee-chan – First Period (ENG) =LWB=Translated version of Ms Onee-chan – First Period by Studio WallabyTranslated by Imari of Little White Butterflies

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Marshmallow Fiancée ch 1 to 7

    Marshmallow Fiancée ch 1 to 7

    2011-10-18 Read Download

    Marshmallow Fiancée ch 1 to 7 Manga Info :
    Descripton:[Equal] Marshmallow Fiancée (Complete) [ENG] [Yoroshii]Added Chapters 10-11, Page 165.Ch. 1: Marshmallow Fiancée [Page 5]Ch. 2: More! Marshmallow Fiancée [Page 25]Ch. 3: Measure! Marshmallow Fiancée [Page 45]Ch. 4: Doki Doki Marshmallow Fiancée [Page 65]Ch. 5: Forever? Marshmallow Fiancée [Page 83]Ch. 6: Better Luck! Pink Oracle [Page 99]Ch. 7: Harvest Time [Page 115]Ch. 8: Promise with Sensei! [Page 131]Ch. 9: Naive Couple [Page 149]Ch. 10: Small Droopings [Page 165]Ch. 11: Tiny Marshmallow Fiancée [Page 181]Translated/Edited by: Yoroshii/>
    Category: English Hentai Manga

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